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Live 20

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AEQ LIVE 20. Send-receive high power Wireless Audio/Microphone

The star product of this new family is the TX/RX wireless high quality AEQ LIVE 20. The set is made up of 2 units the LIVE 20R (receiver) and the LIVE 20T (transmitter) a field unit.


 The wide range of frequencies allows the unit to operate in VHF and UHF. There are 16 preset frequencies in switchable channels. It can be used as a wireless mic or as a full duplex radio link. The capability to use low and high power makes the AEQ LIVE 20 a versatile product.

The Ion-lithium batteries enhance the wireless transmission cycle. The AEQ LIVE 20 provides you with the program feed while allowing you to simultaneously speak to the field person using just one device.