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Full-Range Ceiling Speakers for Discriminating Designers 


When Every Word Matters

The Ashby’s dual-driver concentric configuration offers accuracy and fidelity over a full range: Experience it all, from crystal-clear speech to music’s sparkling highs and rich bass.  


The Amplified Advantage

The self-powered Ashby reproduces sound accurately and consistently with minimal distortion even at high levels, while boasting linearity that’s unparalleled in a ceiling speaker. 


Every Spot is Sweet

The Ashby’s innovative concentric speaker design offers a smooth, even 100-degree pattern—meaning you can distribute high-fidelity sound over a wider listening area, using fewer speakers.


Operating Frequency Range : 100 Hz – 18 kHz

Coverage : 100 ° 



High Frequency : 0.75" metal dome tweeter

Low Frequency : 5" cone driver


Audio I/O
​Connector : Phoenix 5-pin male (two pins for DC power, three pins for balanced audio)

Power Wiring : Pin1 : DC Power + / Pin2 : DC Power -

Audio Wiring : Pin3 : Chassis.Earth / Pin4 : Signal - / Pin5 : Signal +

Voltage Requirement : 48V DC from Meyer Sound Power Supply


* The Ashby-5C requires an external MPS-488HP IntelligentDC power supply.